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The best skateboard for 4-year-olds

Skateboards may vary depending on the size, age and ability of the user. The best skateboard for a 4 year old needs to satisfy their safety as much as it does their entertainment! Now, you can't just find a different board that you find in the store. This is what is available now.

What is the best priced, best quality skateboard? How do you know if the skateboard is the right one? How do you ensure your child's safety while skateboarding? There are a lot of things to know about getting a killer skateboard for your child. Read on and absorb it all!

Best Skateboards for 4 Year Olds Reviews

1. RUDEBOYZ OC Wooden Cruise Skateboard

When it comes to skateboarding for kids, you need something lightweight, fun and safe. the RUDEBOYZ mini wooden cruising skateboard is a combination of all these qualities! It is an excellent choice.

Compared to other skateboards, the RUDEBOYZ cruising skateboard is more affordable. All in one, you have a high quality in terms of safety, storage, and carrying. Considering it's a really great skateboard, it's a pretty good deal!

First, the short width of 3.25 inches is a factor in child safety because, with a shorter deck, they have better control and balance! Second, the 3.25" width is a factor in child safety. After all, this is a beginner board, which is a great feature for young children who are still learning to skateboard because it is easier to maneuver the shorter board.

When it comes to toddler skateboards, it's handy if it's lightweight because that makes it easier to carry. the mini cruising skateboard from RUDEBOYZ weighs only 7.2 pounds, and with it, even toddlers can carry it around.

With the size of the skateboard, storing it is completely effortless. The skateboard is made entirely of wood and is only 17 inches long. Therefore, you don't have to worry about the skateboard taking up a lot of space in your storage.

The rounded nose and tail will allow your child to have a lot of fun while learning various tricks. Also, it helps that it has real ABEC-7 bearings for better stability while riding.

However, out of the box, the wheels on this skateboard don't turn very well. I found this was because the wheels had been tightened during shipping to protect them. After loosening them up a bit, these bearings came free and allowed the wheels to spin smoothly like butter.


Reasonably priced

Convenient size gives control and balance

Light weight and easy to carry

True ABEC-7 bearings

Has a round nose and tail for different tricks


Bearings are too tight out of the box

This product is like an all-in-one convenience, and at just the right price! If you are looking for a product that combines safety, fun and price, then this skateboard would be a great choice!

2. PLAYWHEELS Ultimate Spider-Man Skateboard

This example from PlayWheels is another great set of wheels that will have your little skater rolling around in no time!

At 21 inches long, it's only an inch shorter than a standard penny board, and its very compact size is very popular even for adult riders. This means your kids can easily transition to penny boards and bigger boards when they get a little older.

One thing I like about this skateboard is its shape. It uses the same "cruising" deck shape as the penny board and is known for being very stable. Not only does this deck shape help prevent your child from falling off, but it is also easy to control while skating.

This skateboard is equipped with nylon bearings rather than the typical steel bearings. This feature is especially important because, unlike steel, nylon does not rust, so the skids will be shipped with little to no maintenance.

The deck is made up of 9 layers of laminated maple wood that can withstand all kinds of abuse. You won't have to worry about the board quickly falling apart from minor scratches to major crashes.

While the boards are fairly sturdy, I'm a little concerned about their weight rating. According to PlayWheels, the board can hold up to 100 pounds of weight. That's probably fine for a five-year-old, but the brand recommends this board for skaters under the age of 10. Considering there are a lot of reasonably heavy kids, I would start looking for a sturdier deck sooner rather than later.


21" deck makes for easy and safe transitions

Cruiser design is stable and easy to control

Nylon bearings provide performance and minimal maintenance

9-ply maple construction stands up to tossing and turning


Deck is rated at only 100 lbs

In any case, this cruising board from PlayWheels is a great skateboard for 5 year olds!

3. SKATEXZ Panda Street Kids Skateboard

The SKATEXZ Panda Street Kids Skateboard is truly one of the high brand skateboards around!

One of the benefits of this product is that you are able to put the skater's name on it. With this pure sense of ownership, the name is added to the skateboard and protected with a translucent grip tape. So, even with customization, you won't lose any grip coverage!

This board is made of bamboo, while other boards are usually made of regular wood. When you choose a SKATEXZ skateboard, you are not only doing it for your kids, but also for the benefit of the environment.

Although it is made of different materials than other skateboards, that doesn't mean it's any less durable. Each board is carefully assembled by hand with the best materials. Therefore, the degree of durability is relatively high! In addition, because of the bamboo material, the board is very light, so it is easy to carry or store.

If you are looking for the best skateboard for a 4 year old that will last them a long time, this is what you are looking for! The deck is custom sized for smaller sizes so your child can get the best riding experience.

Matched with smooth rolling 53mm 90A wheels and the same Jessup grip tape used by the pros, this board will have your little skater gliding down the street in style.

It's a little pricey, but with all those benefits, it's definitely worth every penny!


Skater's name on the board

Customized deck especially for kids

Eco-friendly skateboard made of bamboo

Durable and lightweight board that is easy to carry

Features smooth rolling 53mm 90A wheels and high quality Jessup grip tape


A little more expensive than others

SKATEXZ Panda Street Kids Skateboard is a trusted brand that brings a high quality product. When it comes to flashy, long-lasting and safe skateboards, this one is the one to choose.

4. SANGDE Easy Way Complete Skateboard

SANGE's Easy Way Complete skateboard is what happens when you combine aesthetics with practicality.

The most eye-catching aspect of this skateboard would be the PU super soft flash wheels. Because it uses highly resilient polyurethane wheels, it is more impact resistant, lighter and produces less noise than regular plastic wheels.

It is also equipped with ABEC-11 professional bearings. The larger the scale, the better the results when skateboarding, and the ABEC-11 model is a higher level than standard. Now, your child can have a smooth and fast ride.

One of the best things about the SANGDE skateboard is the materials used in its manufacture. In fact, the deck is made of 7-ply Canadian maple and can hold up to 224 pounds of weight.

The pattern on the bottom of the board is printed on the board via heat transfer and will last a long time. Add in the aluminum trucks and you have a durable skateboard.

This skateboard even comes with waterproof diamond sand, which gives you a non-slip grip when practicing tricks. Since it has a non-slip and high friction grip tape, it keeps kids safe and allows for different types of play styles.

When you buy the product, you also get extras like carrying bags, tools, spare bearings, DIY paint and stickers to decorate your board.

The problem is that the board measures 31 inches, which may be too big for a 3-year-old skateboarder. Although, getting your child used to a larger board will help them adapt quickly.


Flash PU wheels made of high resilient polyurethane for better resistance

High level ABEC-11 bearings for smoother and faster gliding

Seven-ply Canadian maple construction withstands up to 224 pounds

Long-lasting print and sturdy aluminum trucks

Waterproof and non-slip grip tape

Extras: carry bag, tools, spare bearings, DIY paint and stickers


May be too big of a skateboard for a 3 year old.

When it comes to durability, practicality and gorgeous looks, the SANGDE skateboard can be a good choice.

5. BELEEV Beginner Skateboard

The BELEEV Beginner Skateboard is a sturdy, stylish and safe skateboard that can be used even by professionals.

This board is a little bigger than most, however, it weighs only 4.7 pounds. Since the board is wide, you will have plenty of room for your feet on the deck. These combine to make the board easy to ride, control and carry.

The board itself is 10mm thick and made of seven layers of Canadian maple, making it strong enough to support kids weighing up to 220 pounds. Then we have the 5 inch aluminum trucks which are heavy duty pair making it suitable for the novice rider.

Another thing I like about this board is the way it's also designed to keep the rider safe. It has that kind of symmetrical concave design on both feet and a waterproof diamond grit non-slip tape. So, this board stops easily and has good traction between your shoes.

Then, we have the high rebound PU wheels. This 55mm 95A polyurethane is non-slip, giving the rider a safety advantage. The wheel even comes with high speed ABEC-7 precision bearings that the pros can use. So your little ones can learn all kinds of stunts with its incredible shock absorption while riding smoothly.

The BELEEV beginner skateboard is great for beginners to keep going even if they're already pros, but it's a little too big for smaller kids.


Lightweight, large board that is easy to ride, control and carry

10mm thick deck made up of seven layers of Canadian maple supports 220 lbs

Durable board with 5" aluminum trucks

Symmetrical recessed design for both feet & waterproof diamond sand non-slip straps

High rebound 95 PU wheels with high speed ABEC-7 precision bearings for safety and smoothness


For younger children, the size is a little too large

With a board made with the same quality as pro boards, your kid will be riding through the streets in both style and security.

6. GONEX Junior Mini Cruising Skateboard

The GONEX Junior Mini Cruising Skateboard is perfect for people of all ages and is convenient in many ways.

It measures 22 inches long and 6 inches wide and weighs only 3.6 pounds. This mini cruiser is quite compact for your little ones to carry to their playgrounds. Despite its small size, the GONEX skateboard can support people up to 198 pounds.

Plus, this deck comes in a variety of designs for all ages. They are all dashing patterns and styles that show off your little one's unique personality well. My son loved the chalkboard with the colorful letters; he thought it looked really cool.

Indeed, this skateboard does have a solid build. Add to that its 60mm PU cast wheels, ABEC-7 bearings and aluminum trucks; this skateboard can give your child a smooth, safe and fantastic riding experience with great grip and wear resistance.

With its excellent shock absorption and weight-bearing capacity, this skateboard allows kids to cruise smoothly on the road and have a great time.

The skateboard is made of polypropylene plastic, which is generally considered to be a safe plastic, but when it comes to long distance skating and complex skateboarding tricks, it just doesn't do it. However, its material makes it very convenient as the board is now lighter, making it easier to carry.


Compact and lightweight 3.6 pound board for little ones

Supports up to 198 pounds of weight

A variety of cool and dashing designs for big and little kids

Equipped with 60mm PU cast wheels with ABEC-7 bearings (& aluminum trucks)

Provides grip and wear resistance, shock absorption and weight-bearing capacity


Plastic material, not suitable for long distance skating and difficult tricks.

GONEX skateboard is suitable for different age groups and can accompany your children even when they grow up. It has a sleek design, is light weight and certainly a handy board.

7. PHOEROS Standard Skateboard

One of the advantages of the PHOEROS skateboard is that it has a double wavy design. With this construction, your child can learn numerous fun skateboarding tricks more easily. This convenience makes it perfect for newbies who are still learning how to make sharp turns, turn and skate.

The skateboard is also equipped with 95A 53mm wheels. These wheels are highly resilient and made of polyurethane. Polyurethane wheels have higher impact resistance than plastic wheels, and they produce less noise.

With the help of their specialized high rebound PU wheels, your child can have a smooth, fast and safe glide while riding such a grip. In addition, since the PU wheels are light, this makes the board easier to carry.

In terms of safety, PHOEROS surfboards are also uncompromising. Thanks to the board's design equipped with non-slip and waterproof diamond sandpaper, small children will find it easier to stay on the board.

Coupled with the thick aluminum trucks, the boards are now given better balance and stability. Finally, with the addition of a PU damping system, this skateboard becomes a complete package for safe riding.

If you are inexperienced, the skateboard may take a while to assemble. Fortunately, you don't have to go through this hassle because it arrives fully assembled, making it quick and easy. However, you may need to tighten the truck a bit before letting your child skate on the skateboard.


Double wavy design makes it easy to learn fun skating tricks

Features 95A 53mm wheels for higher impact resistance and less noise

Light weight and smooth wheels for safe riding

Non-slip and waterproof diamond sandpaper ensures stability

Thick aluminum alloy car and PU damping system for better balance

Assembled and convenient for parents to use


The truck may be loose at first

The PHOEROS skateboard is a complete deal, especially when it comes to safety. When it comes to special tricks and early learning, this skateboard for 4 year old boys will be the right choice.

8. MERKAPA Complete Beginner Skateboard

The MERKAPA Complete Beginner Skateboard will give you a gorgeous and stylish ride on the street with its great construction.

The most attractive detail of the MERKAPA skateboard is the LED illuminated wheels. Its colors flash in a light show at night and during the day, and the best part? It doesn't need any batteries by the way. There's no need to charge it because the LED wheels get their power from spinning.

Since the skateboard is only 22 inches long and 6 inches wide, it is the perfect skateboard for young children. the MERKAPA skateboard can even be a skateboard for a two year old. Made of polypropylene plastic, this classic mini cruiser deck is a single kickboard that is the right size for your child to start using.

The skateboard's vtrucks and base are made of high-quality aluminum, which adds to the control and balance of the board. Pair it with the ABEC-7 bearings and the skateboard itself will run smoother on the street. Since it also has soft PU wheels, it has a higher level of shock absorption and better abrasion resistance.

Although it is one size smaller than a regular skateboard, it can support weights up to 180 pounds. Therefore, even when your child grows into a teenager, he or she can still use the same board.

Since skateboards are made of plastic, small boards like this one are not suitable for doing all kinds of tricks.


Gorgeous LED-lit wheels are on while skateboarding

Measures 22 inches long and 6 inches wide - the perfect skateboard for younger kids

High quality aluminum vtrucks and base for better balance

Soft PU wheels for better shock absorption and wear resistance

Supports a weight of 180 lbs


Plastic parts are not very suitable for fancy moves

If you want your kids to glide safely and smoothly down the street and get a skateboard that will last them for years to come, the MERKAPA Complete Beginner Skateboard is the right choice.

9. WESKATE Kids Skateboard

When it comes to skateboards, durability is an essential factor to look for. With the WESKATE skateboard, you have a skateboard that can support a maximum weight of 220 pounds, all because of their pressed Canadian seven-ply maple veneer. With this quality, the skateboard will last longer and can withstand aggressive terrain while delivering beautiful style.

Another thing to look for in a skateboard is control, because with control comes safety. the WESKATE skateboard has a dual foot symmetrical concave design that makes it easier when stopping the board. It also has a waterproof diamond grip for safe riding because there is more friction between the skater's shoes and the board.

With the trustworthy grip wheels, you have the anti-vibration feature that is amazing for your kids to learn how to do different tricks. In addition, the combination of high rebound PU wheels and ABEC-7 precision bearings gives it a good grip.

All of this sounds good, but the most important thing is that it is affordable. You will get all this high quality at a lower price compared to other skateboards. Perfect for a gift, especially if you don't want it to hurt your wallet.

However, some of the designs on the skateboard may have some typos. But this should not affect the safety and fun your child will have while using this well-made board.


Supports a maximum weight of 220 lbs

Seven layers of maple Canadian veneer pressed for durability

Symmetrical concave design on both feet for breeze stopping

Waterproof diamond sand non-slip grip to ensure the safety of the little ones

High-rebound PU wheels& ABEC-7 bearings for a better grip and less shock

An affordable surfboard for kids


There may be typos on the board

WESKATE skateboards are durable, safe and stylish, even at an affordable price. You can buy this skateboard for your 5 year old without hurting your wallet.

10. SkateXS Panda Street Kids Skateboard

The SkateXS Panda Street Kids Skateboard comes in three perfect sizes for specific age groups so that parents can choose the best size for their kids.

Unlike regular skateboards made of Canadian maple, this one is made of bamboo. This makes this board completely eco-friendly and by choosing this board, you are giving your child a chance to be one of the heroes in saving the environment.

Plus, because it is made of bamboo, it is lighter compared to other boards. Now it's easier for your 4 year old to carry it around and play with friends on the playground.

Since the board is custom assembled in the USA, the product can stand up to the rigors of the fast skating world. The piece features polished trucks, Abec 7 precision bearings and 90A wheels. Therefore, it can withstand all the tricks and skating your child will need to develop as a professional skateboarder.

Moreover, it has Jessup Grip Tape to provide them with better balance. So, let your little ones learn safely as they complete their first Olypics through this reliable board.

While the SKATEboard has so many benefits in terms of quality, it also comes at a higher price. However, you will get what you pay for. The cost itself is worth it for the smooth experience your child will have with this board.


An eco-friendly bamboo skateboard

Lightweight enough for a 4 year old skateboarder to play and carry

Custom assembled in the USA for reliable quality

Polished trucks, Abec 7 precision bearings, 90A wheels for learning tricks

Jessup grip tape provides a good balance


An overpriced board compared to other competitive products

You get what you pay for, SKATEXS' 4 year old skateboard offers you all the quality materials in a hand assembled board.

What to look for when buying a skateboard for 4 year olds

When buying a skateboard for a four year old, it is best to look for a board that will satisfy beginners. This includes a size that fits their smaller stature and gives them a good start when learning how to skateboard.

A lapsible skateboard is the perfect skateboard for beginners. In addition, safety factors such as the smoothness and durability of the skateboard's operation must also be taken into consideration. Take for example the safety and quality of skateboards in the UK.

You can look at the construction of some skateboards to make your final pick. Maple decks are common because they are sturdy. But bamboo decks will be a bit lighter and more environmentally friendly.

Also, the material and type of trucks, bearings or bases will be the deciding factor on whether the skateboard is smooth and safe enough for the kids to ride on. Make sure you also go for one that has a non-slip feature to make it easier for your little one to stand on the board.

A nice board that has funny cartoon images or vivid patterns will keep your kids engaged in playing. There are many styles, so you can choose the one that suits your little one's favorite color or features.

Can a 4 year old ride a skateboard

With proper instruction and consistent supervision, 4 year olds can ride skateboards. As with all skills, it is best to start learning when they are still young. After all, information is retained longer when learned at an earlier age. This way, they can learn to ride faster and easier.

Does my 4-year-old need to wear knee pads and a helmet when riding a bike?

Safety is crucial when learning to skateboard. Therefore, beginners like your 4 year old need to wear knee pads and a helmet while riding. There are a lot of trips and falls when learning to skateboard, so it's vital to have all the safety materials you need. And that includes knee pads and helmets.


There are many things to consider when buying the best skateboard for a 4 year old, and this includes its durability, safety, and of course, style.

With so many boards out there, it is important to know what is the right board for your child's age and body type, especially when it comes to young beginners. Find the best board for your child with the best quality and give them the best memories from their childhood.

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