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Best Running Socks 2021

When it comes to running sports, it's the little things that can really make a difference to your overall performance. If you train regularly or do long distance training, then your comfort to support endurance will be of the utmost importance. Of course, your training shoes are an important piece of equipment and probably your biggest and most carefully considered investment, but don't overlook the unassuming socks. If you wear the wrong socks, you'll be at risk. You'll have blisters and sore arches to prove it! A good pair of socks will be your friend, a good pair of technical running socks will improve your performance and become your training ally. Let's review some of the best running socks and why we recommend you invest in a pair or six

The best running socks

1, Saucony Performance Comfort Running Socks

Saucony is well established in providing performance products with the highest levels of comfort and support. the Saucony Performance Comfort Running Socks excel in many ways with its moisture management system, meaning your feet stay dry no matter what extremes you push yourself to. With their extra mesh breathability and localized arch support, they provide critical comfort no matter how tough your training schedule is. The cushioned sole acts like a shock absorber, so you can work hard to achieve those goals and distances without worrying about excessive arch pain the next day. They are also fully machine washable, making them a great choice or gift for runners. They're also stylish to look at.

Key Features:

Dry moisture management system

Mesh ventilation system for enhanced air circulation

Arch compression engineering for stable support

Extremely comfortable cushioned sole

Durable and reasonably priced


  • Brand Saucony
  • Model number E08680

2. Belle Plus Hidden Comfort Running Socks

All Belle Plus running socks are technically built with the company's proprietary DryNamix moisture management system. What this means for you is that your feet stay cool and dry at all times, with maximum free air circulation. Your feet won't get hot and sweaty in these seamless socks. Of course, they've been race tested, so you can be confident in their reliability under pressure. They feature an extra deep heel pocket to ensure they fit perfectly and won't slide underfoot while you're out for a long run. They are classified as a medium volume construction, which means they provide support without sacrificing flexibility. They are also available in all the colors of the rainbow. Their 200-gauge fabric is like the best bed sheets, but for your feet.

Key Features:

Heel tab to prevent socks from slipping off

Seamless comfort toe closure

Structured and supportive elastane construction

Luxurious cushioned feel on the bottom

Medium volume construction


  • Brand Balega
  • Model 410014
  • Weight 2.4 oz.

3, Balega Waterproof Foam Running Socks

Once again, these socks feature Balega's innovative and patented DryNamix technology designed to keep your feet cool and dry. These anti-bubble socks are blended with luxurious mohair, which means they'll also keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Moisture wicking is an important part of running socks because no one wants hot, sweaty feet to get cold in the winter or blistered in the summer. With these medium volume socks, you don't have to worry about socks slipping off your feet or ending up with painful blisters. For those who love running, this is really a smart choice. Make sure you also check out our guide to the best socks for plantar fasciitis.

Key Features:

Mohair and DryNamix blend

Moisture wicking and sweat wicking technology

Seamless toe for seam-free comfort and fit

High heel ensures sock stays firmly in place

Medium volume construction


  • Brand Balega
  • Model 8148-6613-M
  • Weight 3.2 oz.

4, Physix Compression Running Socks

Physix running socks are the epitome of performance and design. Compared to most technical athletic socks, these socks offer exemplary advanced features to support you as a serious runner. For starters, they're designed with gradient compression so they'll fully support your feet as you push your body to its limits. They also feature what the manufacturer says is the highest technology from the arch to the ankle, which is hard to find in other brands of athletic socks. What this means for you is increased circulation and continuous oxygen blood flow, which will encourage and support you to achieve harder, faster and longer lasting goals. Designed for comfort and support, these really are the ultimate runner's socks. The high level of compression also makes them a great choice for any regular long-distance flyer. These socks are durable, yet designed to provide an unparalleled level of athletic performance.

You might also like these winter running gloves that will keep you warm. Take a look at our list.

Key Features:

Ergonomic design

Optimized Achilles tendon protector

All-day comfort with moisture wicking

Athletic heel fit

Seamless, non-irritating toe design

Metatarsal-assisted arch compression stabilization


  • Brand Physix Gear Sport
  • Weight2.1 ounces

5, Asics Low Profile Cushioned Socks

As you would expect, Asics' Low Cut Cushion socks offer an outstanding level of performance combined with comfort, support and maximum breathability. This means that no matter what sport you play, you can be sure that these socks will support your goals and help you challenge yourself further. They feature a soft-sole cushioning, plus a seamless toe construction that eliminates bulk and ensures these socks are streamlined and very easy to fit. Of course, they have a moisture management system, as you would expect from Asics technical performance socks. They are breathable and have plenty of knitted mesh to add ventilation on board. There's no excuse for underperformance when you're wearing these socks. They are thoughtfully constructed to absolutely support your performance.

Key Features:

Plush soft sole cushioning for added comfort

Moisture management system

Knitted mesh for ventilation and breathability

Seamless design construction

Will not cause friction, irritation or blisters on your feet


  • Brand ASICS
  • Model ckzk2361m
  • Weight 1 lb.

6, Rockay Athletic Anti-Blister Running Socks

For athletes who are constantly on their feet and need to rely on products, Rockay offers the running socks of dreams, created to cater to the possibilities of your feet on every day. With special properties such as complete protection against blisters, arch compression and breathability, the Accelerated Anti Blister Men's and Women's Running Socks are exceptionally durable even when used in the harshest conditions. All this is made possible by high quality organic merino wool and ventilated shrinkage.

As a trusted supplier of top-quality products worldwide, Rockay keeps in mind all the needs of professional athletes while creating its products. These products have been specifically tested for running, walking, hiking activities or any activity that requires the feet to be at their limit. Despite the price tag, these socks are an investment as they hold up well after multiple machine washings.

These socks are widely popular among users due to their great fit, style, comfort and elite construction. Enjoy a comfortable, wet and blister-free experience just like most customers can already attest to with every purchase of this product.

Key Features:

Blister resistant properties

Moisture wicking construction

Strong compression ability

Seamless construction


  • Brand Rockay

7. TSLA Comfort Socks

These TSLA Comfort socks are intelligently designed to provide just enough support for the needs of runners. If performance is important to you, then you'll love these no-show socks with extra cushioning at the heel and toe for extra protection. They act almost as internal shock absorbers, allowing you to run harder and longer without compromising form. A reinforced heel tab ensures that the socks, while designed to be unobtrusive, won't slip so low that they slip off your foot, which means annoying adjustments on the way home. Tesla's socks stay where they are; right on your feet. They also have a breathable mesh ventilation system, so air is distributed as you run and not trapped causing overheating or sweaty feet. Highly functional in performance, yet very comfortable to wear.

Key Features:*

Low-cut, uncovered design

Breathable mesh airflow construction

Shock-absorbing sole for superior support

Arch compression straps provide stability

Multiple color options available


  • Brand Tesla
  • Model US17031_TMMZS04_PR
  • Weight3.2 ounces

8, Feetures Elite Running Socks

The Feetures brand was created by a dedicated runner, Hugh Gaither, so you can be sure he's thought of all your needs, as he has himself. As a leading manufacturer of athletic socks, he wanted to combine his two passions - manufacturing and running - into a new, highly technical sock. Hence, his Elite running socks were born and they are unique. For runners who want maximum comfort and a high level of technical support, these socks are truly outstanding. They are anatomically designed to prevent blisters. They also have their own high-density cushioning that acts as natural shock absorption for all sidewalk and road running. With patented i-Wick technology that keeps your feet naturally dry and cool, these running socks are truly the cream of the crop. If you're looking for a performance sock with stacked features, then you've found your holy grail with these Feetures!

Key Features:

i-wick moisture wicking system

Anatomical design for right and left foot structure

Seamless toe construction with no irritation

Targeted arch compression and support

Intensive cushioning for impact protection


  • Brand Feetures!
  • Model E500
  • Weight 1.6 oz.

9、Wrightsock waterproof foam running socks

No one likes blisters. Really, they can be the bane of your life, but especially so if you're a dedicated runner. Even if you're wearing your favorite high-performance running shoes and have tested them many times, you could be in for a painful ride if you don't put on the right socks. These Wrightsocks running socks are specifically designed for waterproof foam with their double-layer construction. It also has a patented "stability zone" that provides ample arch support. It's a medium weight plain sock, so while it has the support you need to go those extra miles, it's also flexible and not too restrictive on the foot. For optimal and consistent performance, the manufacturer recommends that you wash them before you wear them and turn the socks inside out and put them straight into the washing machine. It couldn't be easier.

Key Features:

Anti-water blister double layer construction

Moisture wicking, cool and dry foot support

Mid-weight flat knit socks for comfort and stretch

Perfect high-performance running socks


  • Brand Wrightsock

10, Stance Uncommon Solid Socks

These performance running socks from Stance have mesh vents that are meant to enhance breathability. There is a reinforced heel and toe to provide comfort and support and ultimate fit. These socks have also been anatomically designed to fit your left and right foot correctly and perfectly. They also feature a 200 stitch count so you can be assured of their quality comfort. They are also designed to be durable, keeping you running at full speed for some time to come.

Key Features:

Comfortable and durable construction

Strong arch support

Highly breathable mesh ventilation

Stylish and attractive looking athletic socks


  • Brand: Stance
  • Weight2.08 ounces

11, Adidas Climalite Low Cut Socks

Adidas' Climalite socks, as you might imagine from the name, are designed to keep your feet cool when you need them, but also to stay warm and comfortable. These socks are perfectly adapted to your feet and the demands of the season to ensure that you can always run with ease and ensure a completely comfortable ride. With their cushioned heel and toe construction and low-cut design, no one will know you're wearing these socks, but it's a safe bet that you'll benefit from wearing them. They also feature 360-degree ventilation, so your feet are cool at all times and you are in complete control of your performance. Our selection of the best dress socks offers more great socks like these, so check them out.

Key Features:

Climacool technology keeps your feet cool and comfortable

360 degree ventilation for odor resistance

Cushioned heel and toe construction

Adidas style and performance promise


  • Brand Adidas
  • Model 5130379
  • Weight 1 lb.

12. Thorlos Cushioned Running Socks

Thorlos designs high-quality socks for people on the go, especially those who like to run. With their patented Thor-Lon fiber and Thor-Wick technology, you can be assured that no matter how far you run, your feet will be dry and cushioned. What's more, there will be no blisters.Thorlos padded running socks have plenty of supportive elasticity, yet still maintain their flexibility. They are also incredibly breathable and should last you for years to come. Make sure you also check out our guide to the best water socks for more goodies like these.

Key Features:*

Thin layer cushioning support

Thor-Wick cool fiber moisture wicking technology

Cushioned, supportive arch construction

Cushioned heel and ball shock absorption

Non-irritating and chafe-free design


  • Brand Thorlos
  • Model LRMXM14004AMZ

13, Darn Tough Vertex Socks

A very practical, if not minimalist, athletic sock. These are an ultra-lightweight pair of socks with enough cushioning to support your feet while they pound the streets or run on the treadmill. No matter where you choose to run, these Darn Tough socks will have your back. They're super easy to get on and off and have a truly seamless construction, so no blisters to worry about, sir! Made from fine merino wool, they are breathable and moisture wicking, making them the perfect all-day socks.

Key Features:

Fully cushioned protection

Fast drying, moisture wicking and breathable

Anti-bacterial and anti-odor

Easy on/off with heel tab


  • Brand Darn Tough
  • Model BHBUKPPAZINH3639
  • Weight 1.76 oz.

Running Socks Buying Guide (Running Socks Buying Guide) & FAQs

Comfort - This can only be provided by high quality materials and the right product for each individual. In addition, running socks with extra padding can provide great cushioning and ultimately promote comfort. Moisture Wicking Materials - Brands will specify moisture wicking materials for their products, which will go a long way in protecting your feet from collecting moisture inside the shoe. Thickness - It is always good to consider thickness when buying running socks. Socks that are too thick may be uncomfortable, but socks that are too thin may not provide enough protection. Compression - Proper compression in socks will increase blood flow throughout, ultimately protecting your feet from blisters and injuries. The compression should still be comfortable, not stiff. Foot Support - Proper foot support in your socks will help increase comfort and protect your feet from pain due to long hours of running or walking. Waterproof Blister Technology- Waterproof blister technology is very important for athletes' running socks because they often have to stand on their feet. Blisters can reduce performance and bring pain and soreness; investing in socks that prevent blisters can go a long way towards improving performance.

Running Socks FAQ

Q: What kind of socks are best to wear when running?

A: Compression socks should be the first choice for every athlete. Also look for additional benefits such as moisture wicking, breathability, waterproof foam construction and comfort that will help get you to perform at your best while running.

Q: Do running socks do anything?

A: Running socks make a big difference, considering they are specifically designed to satisfy your feet during long, strenuous workouts. You will see a difference in compression and padding that regular socks do not provide.

Q: Are thicker running socks better?

A: Not necessarily. The extra thickness may just cause bulk in the shoe and sweaty feet. Unless you plan to wear thick socks without shoes, it is best to choose socks with enough thickness so that they are light and breathable when in use.

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