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The best bifocal safety glasses

Among the different types of PPE glasses, bifocal safety glasses are an advanced combination between prescription glasses and safety glasses available for one model. I have the privilege of guiding you through a tailored list of product reviews of quality test glasses and also provide a useful user guide for new customers.

I suggest that you should thoroughly purchase this type of safety glasses based on several important criteria, of which I will reveal later. Buying cheap eyewear construction coupled with poor bifocal magnification can lead to a host of optical injuries and health problems that none of us want.

The best bifocal safety glasses are right here in this article, waiting for you to explore them. I can assure you that you will not be disappointed with all these globally renowned and reliable PPE eyewear brands. Once you get an insight into bifocal safety glasses, you will also fall in love with their excellent, durable products.

Best Bifocal Safety Glasses Reviews

1. SSP Eyewear Top Bifocal Tactical Safety Glasses

I can see that these SSP Tactical Safety Glasses are professionally designed for pistol shooters and instructors who need a close up view of their front range in this highly focused extreme sport. You can wear these bifocal glasses in other professions, such as electricians or mechanics.

The manufacturer SSP glasses offer us a wide range of lens magnifications from 1.00 to 3.00 diopter. Based on my previous experience, it is best to choose glasses around 1.25 to 1.75 diopter, as high levels of magnification can sometimes cause distorted vision and dizziness during prolonged use, which can be dangerous.

What is even more impressive about these bifocal safety glasses is that their lenses are coated with an anti-fog layer on both sides and do not fade easily. The anti-fog coating on these safety glasses is 65% longer than the average rate of ordinary ones.

In addition, they claim to protect your eyesight from harmful UVA/UVB radiation by up to 100%, which is beneficial for outdoor activities in changing weather conditions without proper eye shelter.

I like that they decided to put the bifocal point on the top of these polycarbonate lenses instead of the bottom, as this optimal solution generally doesn't tangle the entire magnifying lens together. While still being able to help you with overhead work at multiple diopters.

Of course, I can't forget to mention the plethora of features of SSP safety glasses lenses, including shatter-free, optical correctors and decentered superior lenses that successfully prevent eye irritation and distortion.

I have only one small suggestion for these glasses and that is that the SSP brand should expand their bifocal window beyond 3.8 inches. This would provide a wider magnified peripheral view when we are in the workplace or reading a book.


Special bifocal glasses designed for photography.

Lens magnification from 1.00 to 3.00 diopters.

Anti-fog lens coating works 65% longer than average. 100% UVA/B resistant.

Magnifiers are placed on the top of their lenses.

Premium eyeglass lens detail for improved performance.


Bifocal window is recommended to be larger than 3.8 inches.

All in all, these safety glasses with bifocals from SSP Eyewear are amazingly beneficial for shooting sports and other work tasks that require magnified field of view processing. Their high quality polycarbonate lenses have no blind spots; therefore, they are a good choice for a wide range of activities.

2. Dewalt DPG59-215C Reinforcer Rx-Bifocal Protective Safety Glasses

As one of the best known and most reliable brands producing quality safety glasses, Dewalt shows us a safety goggle and reading glasses in one product. The smoky lenses give these glasses a tough and stylish look, especially for men.

Dewalt bifocal safety glasses are available in store in 3 magnification options, from 1.5 to 2.5 bifocal diopter, which is reasonable for your normal eyes. On some specific online shopping sites they even offer used versions of this product in good condition at shockingly low prices.

I like that the lenses of these Rx-Bifocal safety glasses are able to withstand external shocks, as glasses in general can quickly deform under pressure. Because the lenses are tinted opaque, they keep your eyes protected from 99.9% of harmful UVA/UVB sunlight.

In any case, a certified pair of safety glasses is always better than an item that has not undergone any basic quality tests. Therefore, these bifocal goggles have exceeded all ANSI Z87.1 and CSA Z94.3 essential requirements for safety glasses, freeing you from concerns when using them.

I noticed that the temples of the glasses have a hand grip pattern made of flexible rubber to ensure a strong grip on the top of your ears without leaving pressure points. Their rubber nose rests are non-slip, allowing you to wear your glasses comfortably every day without having to adjust their position too often.

Unfortunately, I found that once, when I folded these glasses a little too tightly, their temple arms ended up scratching the inner lenses. To be honest, I was disappointed with this design error. I think Dewalt should take this into consideration as soon as possible and fix the rest of the flaws left by this pair of bifocal safety glasses.


A useful combination of safety glasses and reading glasses.

Choose from 1.5 to 2.5 magnification diopters.

Impact resistant and UV protected smoke tinted lenses.

Meets ANSI Z87.1 and CSA Z94.3 standards.

Comfortable rubber temples and nose bridge.


The arms may scratch the lenses inside when they are wrapped up.

I'm usually hesitant to buy bifocal safety glasses because several of them have lenses that cause eye strain and interfere with my daily close up paperwork in the office. Fortunately, the Dewalt Rx-Bifocal glasses include anti-distortion lenses, so I can focus better without experiencing any optical problems.

3. MAGID Y50BKAFC20 Safety Glasses

I must agree that these safety glasses from the MAGID brand are flexible enough to be used indoors or outdoors, depending only on how you want to use them. I have listened to other customers' experiences wearing them for lab work and production - the Magid bifocal glasses performed much better than expected.

Seriously, I didn't believe my eyes when I saw that the manufacturer offered us a series of eyewear packages from 1 - 2 - 6 and up to 12 pairs of these same bifocal safety glasses. In addition, each of these comes with an extra soft cloth case, which means we can really have 12 glasses cases.

Their sleek and retro body shape turned out to be quite stylish, but also not overly colorful as the nylon eyeglass frames are solid black. I like that they are fairly lightweight at about 2.4 ounces and can be used by men and women in a variety of settings, especially for reading small print or working with details.

Since the magnified diopter is already deeply imprinted on these eyeglass lenses, it would be difficult to replace them with other bifocal lenses if you wanted to. Instead, you don't have to worry about the bifocal coating suddenly coming off the Magid safety glasses lenses.

The manufacturer has also applied some functional layers, namely anti-fog and anti-scratch coatings, to the bifocal eyeglass lenses to enhance their overall effectiveness. This way, these goggles can survive wet weather conditions, while most bifocal safety glasses will fog up instantly.

This product from Magid is available in different lens tints, each of which will perform better in specific environments. In fact, I'm not so confident in their translucent lenses. This is because I received light gray tinted eyeglass lenses -- still usable, obviously, but not ideal for indoor tasks.


Suitable for both outdoor and indoor use.

Bulk supply of up to 12 pairs of glasses in a wiper case.

Stylish and lightweight unisex black nylon frames.

Magnification function integrated in the eyeglass lenses.

Non-fogging and scratch resistant.


Clear eyeglass lenses are contrary to the description of this product.

I am sure you will be happy to have a pair of ANSI Z87.1+ certified bifocal safety glasses like this amazing product from Magid. If possible, I suggest we try purchasing them with different lens tints to test their strength in a variety of environments and activities, both inside and outside the house.

4. Honeywell Uvex 2.0 Dual Focus Safety Reading Glasses

The 4th bifocal safety glasses product we want to feature on your buying list is from the manufacturer Honeywell Uvex. Their wrap-around half-frame eyewear design made me think that these glasses would fit snugly, but still provide enough comfort for everyday wear, and I wasn't wrong at all.

These bifocal reading safety glasses come with clear lens colors made of high quality polycarbonate material with a magnification of +2.0 diopter. From my point of view, this is a pretty good level of magnification in the safe zone. However, if you receive a headache while wearing these, stop using them.

I have found that their translucent eyeglass lenses have the ability to block up to 99.9% of UV rays from entering beyond your vision. I am sure you are aware that casual exposure of your eyes to strong light sources can lead to optical problems or further damage later on. These polycarbonate lenses are also scratch resistant.

Fascinatingly, the arms of these safety glasses can be adjusted to a certain length as needed to provide customized accessories. The rubber-filled temple tips ensure no pressure points are left on the top of your ears, while the extra cushioned brow bar helps to safely cover your entire eye area.

I must say Honeywell Uvex has done a great job of making these bifocal safety glasses that exceed the ANSI Z87.1 - 2003 and CSA Z94.3 - 2007 standards for PPE glasses. This means they can hold their shape under pressure and external impact, such as at a shooting range.

At one point, I read a comment that the nose bridge of these bifocal glasses with flexible fingers broke after a short time of use. This seems to be a rare occurrence and not common. Still, the Honeywell Uvex brand should take this into consideration and put together a more durable nosepiece that will stand the test of time.


Wrap-around half-frame design provides relaxation.

+2.0 diopter polycarbonate see-through lenses.

Protects against 99.9% UV radiation. Scratch-free lenses.

Eyewear details enhance high flexibility and security.

Exceeds ANSI Z87.1 2003 and CSA Z94.3 2007 standards.


Flexible finger nose piece tends to separate after a period of use.

Most of the PPE products made by Honeywell Uvex are favored by customers around the world, but not all of them are flawless because they are man-made products anyway. 3 months is a pretty long time before their nose pieces come apart, so I hope the brand will improve this detail soon.

5. Crews BKH20 BearKat Magnifier 2.0 safety glasses

Crews is a new eyewear brand to me, but I'm fascinated to dig into what they have to offer. These BearKat bifocal safety glasses offer a range of magnification from +1.0 to +2.5 diopters. The higher magnification will definitely help you perfectly examine the tiny details on your blueprints as you work.

They make these glasses with a favorable one-piece wrap-around lens design that usually fits closely to your face but is not uncomfortable at all. It will also reduce the likelihood that your vision will be irritated by being out of the lens' field of view and the user's inability to focus.

BearKat safety glasses contain strong, clear lenses made of polycarbonate. What makes them special is that the lenses have an exclusive scratch-resistant coating called Duramass, while another UV filter of up to 99.9% has been added. These glasses are also available with side shields.

I like the flexibility of their temple arms, which can be customized for different face shapes. The non-slip temple sleeves are a lifesaver during heavy traffic workdays as they keep the balance of my pair of Crews bifocal safety glasses. You can't imagine how tiresome it is to constantly adjust your glasses at work.

I'm glad these BearKat bifocal safety glasses have exceeded the strict ANSI Z87+ standards for personal protective eyewear. There is nothing like qualified safety glasses. Most customers look at it first when choosing a different eyewear brand and model. It's good to have certification.

This must be a common mistake made by many bifocal safety glasses brands that know very little about the issue: placing the bifocal window too low on the bottom of the eyewear lens. I agree that the manufacturer, Crews, has made large magnification areas; nevertheless, they should have raised them up.


+2.0 bifocal diopter for highly close work.

Has the common wrap-around lens design with a one-piece shape.

Polycarbonate lenses are scratch-resistant and non-polarized.

Includes flexible temple arms and non-slip temple sleeves.

Meets most ANSI Z87+ standards.


The magnification area on the lens is too low.

I believe that if Crews wanted their BearKat bifocal safety glasses to stand out among the thousands of PPE eyewear brands currently available, they should have considered carefully experimenting with the bifocal window before releasing this product. Regardless, they still deserve a spot on my list of the best bifocal safety glasses.

6. 3M Nuvo Reader Protective Glasses

With the 6th PPE glasses on this list, you will have 3 magnification levels to choose from, from +1.5 to +2.5 lens diopter. However, I don't think I need to repeat that the lowest bifocal rate will be a safe choice for your vision. Bifocal magnifiers have been molded into their lenses to improve your reading ability through them.

I have high expectations for the reputation and quality of this brand 3M, and these 3M bifocal safety glasses certainly do not disappoint. Their dual lens shape might lead us to believe that these are normal standard glasses, but in fact, it's actually a one-piece design that provides more sustainability for your bifocal goggles.

The overall look of them does appeal to me. They have made the frames quite thick and have a vintage style that gives a nostalgic feel. Personally, I think heavy-duty guys would love the classic and safe eye protection of wearing bifocal magnifying glasses like these.

There are actually two lens colors, gray or clear, made of polycarbonate, based on where you want them to work. They both include an additional coating that absorbs up to 99.9% of UV radiation; so it can't reach your eyes directly, even when you're working outside of a construction site.

Obviously, these bifocal safety glasses from 3M also extend your protection, as expanded polycarbonate side shields and an integral brow bar at the top are included. These extra features are definitely a plus for customers who need high structural safety rather than normal reading.

I understand that none of us want to hear this, but the bifocal lenses on these 3M glasses are easily scratched on the outside. Once I was looking through reviews online that said they had scratches on the lenses of their glasses right in the center of their vision and they ended up stopping using these 3M safety glasses.


Integrated +1.5 diopter magnifying lenses.

Dual shape combined with lens design in one piece.

Retro style and sturdy appearance for men.

99.9% UV protection with two different lens colors.

Includes side shield protection and brow top bar.


Easily scratched on the lenses of their glasses.

Although 3M states that their Nuvo Reader bifocal safety glasses have met both ANSI Z87.1 - 2010 and CSA Z94.3 - 2007 requirements, it is acceptable in some cases for the glasses lenses to be scratched off due to external impact and pressure. An alternative scratch-resistant lens coating would be pleasing.

7. Phillips Safety Products Bifocal Safety Glasses

I believe that most of us thought these Phillips Safety Products brand tinted bifocal safety glasses were sunglasses when we first saw them, but in fact they are not. In fact, they have a yellow lens tint to improve better optical contrast for you to wear during outdoor activities.

These lenses are made of high-quality polycarbonate - a material typically used to make impact-resistant safety glasses lenses. I was impressed with their wrap-around lens design for secure eyewear. I saw a magnification of +2.00 diopter, which is considered a high level.

For me, it is undeniable that the SB-9000 bifocal glasses offer a modern frame model that fits snugly but still ensures maximum comfort. Their nose bridge and temple arms are made of soft, non-slip rubber to provide the user with the best possible experience without creating interference between their tasks.

I am pleased that these bifocal safety goggles from Phillips Safety Products meet the requirements of ANSI Z87.1 - 2003 for high quality personal protective equipment eyewear. Nonetheless, they are quite old and have had quite a few modifications, so this project should be able to catch up with them better.

Unfortunately, I found the frames to be quite large and bulky for use as a pair of bifocal safety glasses for women. These enlarged bifocal glasses are not sized to be compatible with different temperaments and face shapes. This is a major drawback that should be noted with Phillips safety products.


Yellow tinted bifocal lenses for improved contrast.

Wraparound polycarbonate lenses with +2.00 diopter.

Modern frame design. Rubberized soft nose and temple arms.

Exceeds the requirements of ANSI Z87.1 - 2003 PPE eyewear.


Not a unisex product with limited face shape.

I bet if Phillips Safety Products made more flexible eyeglass frame sizes and made them unisex, they would attract a bunch of potential customers who would like to experience these awesome bifocal safety glasses. I look forward to them coming out with more different items in the future.

8. Pyramex Safety Intruder Reading Bifocals

It is indeed common knowledge that clear eyeglass lenses are primarily functional inside the house. pyramex does the opposite. They showed us a pair of bifocal safety glasses that contain clear lenses that provide safe UVA/UVB ray protection of up to 99%, no less than ordinary sunglasses.

At the same time, you can certainly wear these Pyramex safety glasses for indoor work that requires impact resistance and focus, such as making wooden furniture or repairing broken electrical wiring. In these cases, you should make sure you have safety glasses with magnification.

These plastic safety glasses come in 3 pairs of fully clear frames and are sold in one package. They all include bifocal reading lenses from 1.5 to 2.5x magnification, and using the glasses to read books and documents at home or in the office counts. Shades with dull lenses are not appropriate for these occasions.

If you've ever had to struggle with bifocal glasses because their lenses sometimes interfere with your vision, Pyramex safety glasses solve that problem. This is all thanks to their magnifying lenses that are intentionally positioned away from your direct line of vision. They perform well enough to block excessive glare as well.

I felt reassured when I realized that this product from Pyramex had exceeded the strict ANSI Z87.1 high impact requirements. My eyes will be placed in safe and competent protection. I don't understand why there are still PPE eyewear brands that ignore this important certification for their products.

Since the lenses of these bifocal safety glasses are not coated with an additional anti-fog layer, we have to accept the fact that they will constantly fog up. As a result, it interferes with our work in humid weather conditions. Therefore, I do not recommend wearing these Pyramex glasses in order to prevent fogging.


Up to 99% of UVA and UVB radiation is guarded through the clear lenses.

Ideal for outdoor and indoor applications.

Provides 3 pairs of glasses per package.

Strategically placed bifocal lenses for optimal vision. Glare protection.

Meets ANSI Z87.1 standards.


Anti-fog lenses are not provided.

By now, we all know how reliable the Pyramex brand is in producing quality bifocal safety glasses that meet our requirements most of the time. I wish they would add a fog-free feature to these amazing goggles in order to enhance their strengths across the board.

9. MagSafe C-2000 Bifocal Safety Glasses

I like that MagSafe makes a variety of lens magnifications from 1.25 to over 3.50 diopters to meet the purpose and vision requirements of different users. this product from MagSafe is a pair of 1.75 bifocal safety glasses and you can choose whether the bifocal window is on the top or bottom lens.

If you buy this pair of C-200 safety glasses with the magnifying lens on top, you should make better use of it for sports shooting and overhead work. With this design, they provide a sharp frontal view and clear focus to help you with those specific tasks outdoors and indoors.

The black nylon frame of these glasses is hardware that is impermeable under variable external pressure. In addition, the MagSafe bifocal glasses as a whole are really light at 1.6 ounces relative to the ruggedness of their frame. I can see that the ventilated top frame will better prevent its lenses from fogging up.

In addition to the indestructible frames, the bifocal lenses of these safety glasses are made of high-quality shatterproof polycarbonate. magSafe offers 3 different lens colors, including clear, yellow and smoke lenses, which gives this product the flexibility to be used for a variety of purposes - all of which are absolutely stylish.

Unfortunately, their rubber nose piece is quite slippery and has a tendency to slide down the nose. This is certainly disconcerting for those who need to work with a high degree of concentration, as they must periodically change these glasses back into place. I hope MagSafe will fix this problem soon.


Top and bottom bifocal windows available on demand.

Top lens magnifier can be used for shooting ranges and overhead work.

Tough, lightweight nylon frame. Fog-resistant design.

Unbreakable polycarbonate eyeglass lenses available in three tints.


Its nose piece can slide at will, affecting the use of glasses.

Personally, I think MagSafe C-2000 safety glasses would be one of your ideal choices, you can pick from their large selection of bifocal degrees and we can even choose where it goes on the lens as well. Their prices are definitely affordable for effective bifocal safety glasses.

10. Crossfire ES5 Bifocal Safety Glasses

Another popular safety glasses manufacturer joins the list at number 10, and it is none other than Crossfire. this time, the brand brings us an exceptional pair of bifocal safety glasses with details that enable all tasks to be carried out effectively.

These Crossfire bifocal safety glasses feature a gray shiny pearl frame. I love the way the overall style is designed to be only half-framed. This completely changes the look of the glasses, making them a sophisticated and elegant accessory that can boost your confidence on the job.

I see that the brand has also focused on designing its lenses in an 8-base curve line to add more sophistication and elegance to these lightweight safety glasses. They are translucent lenses with a bifocal diopter of +1.5, which I think is an appropriate magnification that won't cause any distorted images or headaches.

Because these glasses have hard coated lenses, they are resistant to external scratches and impacts. Using ES5 bifocal glasses to protect against 99% of UV radiation is not a big deal either. Nevertheless, the see-through lenses may mislead some customers about their non-polarizing capabilities.

Similar to most other safety glasses, this product contains soft rubber nose pieces for extra comfort throughout the day. In addition, temple grips with dual-molded rubber keep these glasses on your face for better stability. I know how frustrating it can be to keep pushing your glasses back into place.

The most obvious problem I can see about Crossfire's ES5 safety glasses is that the magnification area on their eyeglass lenses is too narrow to be used for close up work. There's no way I could wear these bifocal safety glasses around the house fixing wires, and that makes me a little unhappy.


Elegant half-rimmed eyeglass frames in shiny pearl gray.

+1.5x magnification, curved clear lenses.

Hardware lenses with no scratches and UV protection.

Rubber nosepiece and temple grips to ensure maximum relaxation.


The bifocal window is limited and almost unusable.

I must say that I feel that the ES5 safety glasses meet ANSI Z87.1+ standards because they are proven to be safe and strong enough to withstand pressure. all Crossfire has to do is expand their magnification area so that customers like me can rely on these bifocal safety glasses for a variety of tasks.

11. Elvex RX-350C 1.5 diopter bifocal safety glasses

I appreciate that the Elvex brand offers a large number of different bifocal rates for these RX-350C safety glasses, but I think I would choose the 1.5 diopter because that is the most consistent level of magnification for a pair of safety glasses and I don't want to struggle with dizziness and vision strain during important tasks.

They come with premium polycarbonate eyeglass lenses with high impact to protect the eyes from optical damage caused by external hazards. Clear lenses would be ideal for indoor industrial workplaces in order to provide better visual clarity through powerful lens magnification.

I can suggest some occupations where these RX-350C bifocal safety glasses will perform best when used. Such as doing crafts, manufacturing or other activities that require a high level of attention to creating fine details. Remember not to take them outside as these glasses are polarized.

If you are wondering if these glasses from Elvex will protect the surrounding area beyond your eye area, the answer is absolutely yes. They have been tested to provide customers with full facial protection with extended lenses and side shields made of high quality polycarbonate.

I noticed that the ventilated nose bridge of these glasses is adaptable to all nose shapes and it prevents the glasses from slipping off too often. They have rubber temple arms that grip the top of your ears very firmly. Quite pleasingly, when you wear them, they don't leave unwanted red or painful marks like plastic or metal frames do.

Without the protection of an eyeglass case, these bifocal eyeglass lenses are exposed to the outside environment and can easily develop odors, which is a terrible thing indeed. These stains are hard to wipe off even with soap, so I recommend getting another eyeglass case to keep your glasses in.


5 different bifocal magnifying lens diopters.

Impact resistant polycarbonate clear lenses.

Ideal for indoor tasks and activities.

Provides excellent facial coverage.

Universal fit nose bridge. Comfortable rubber temple grip.


Eyeglass lenses easily acquire odor.

Bifocal safety lenses should not only provide an impact-free experience, but they should also have the ability to resist unwanted scratches and odors. Some of them are very hard to clean and we can't spend too much time trying to clean them. Therefore, no one wants to wear a pair of safety glasses with dirty lenses because they will obstruct their vision.

12. Calabria 91348 Bifocal Safety Glasses

This is probably the only bifocal safety glasses product on my list, and their frames are made of sustainable TR-90 plastic material. TR-90 is a popular substance in the eyewear industry, especially for making safety glasses that are durable and flexible enough to withstand time and stress.

So, why would I call them bifocal safety sunglasses? In addition to the clear polycarbonate lenses, the Calabria brand offers four more lens tints that you can utilize as another pair of sunglasses suitable for outdoor use. The premium polycarbonate used to make these eyewear lenses is completely shatterproof.

I see that they have a fairly wide range of magnification from +1.00 to +3.00 diopter. Equally, we will have more flexibility to choose the right lens magnification. The bifocal window was intentionally placed at the bottom of their lenses designated to help customers review small prints and do lighter tasks.

In addition, these bifocal safety glasses from Calabria offer protection against strong UV rays. This makes them more similar to regular sunglasses, but unfortunately, I couldn't find any information on what percentage of UV rays these glasses can block.

Their wrap-around lens design provides additional space for the extended shields on the side of each pair of glasses. Unlike safety glasses without side shields, this feature protects a much larger area other than the eyes. I noticed that while they are not fully adjustable in size, they are probably a universal size that will fit most adults.

There was an unfortunate little problem with the design of the glasses when I tried to insert them into a regular protective case. The curved design is beautiful, but at the same time it makes it difficult to fit into a case like this. So it's best to take these Calabrian safety glasses with you to test different eyeglass cases.


Made of flexible and high-impact TR-90 plastic material

Unbreakable polycarbonate lenses in 5 shades of color.

Bottom lens magnification of +1.5 diopter.

Provides harmful UV blocking in sunglass shades.

Wrap-around lens design. Side shield protection.

Universal fit for adult faces.


Curved eyewear design is difficult to enter into a regular case.

I wish Calabria as a brand would have more opportunities to prove themselves in the global safety glasses industry. I can see a lot of potential in their program with the classic standard design and impressive follow up features. This final pair of glasses will be the end of my product review section.

Things to look for when buying bifocal safety glasses.

Lens Magnification --

Most bifocal safety glasses on the market today have a common lens magnification range of at least +0.05 and up to +4.00. From what I have seen, manufacturers mainly offer 3 to 5 different bifocal rates per pair, so the product is not limited to certain situations.

In order to provide enough magnification for your vision without dragging down eye fatigue and headaches after looking through bifocal lenses for too long, I recommend always choosing bifocal safety glasses with a +1.50 to +2.00 diopter. Consider that these are the finest levels to ensure that the optical focus is in the safety zone.

Lens tint color -

Bifocal safety glasses consist mainly of clear or tinted lens colors, in dark and bright shades. For this reason, I have divided them into two categories of applications: for outdoor and indoor use purposes.

Clear bifocal lenses are one of the best indoor eyewear devices. They are often used to support people who read books and documents frequently, as well as electricians or mechanics. As those who need to protect their eyes from potential risks, but also to provide a close up view for handling those intricate details.

This may sound strange, as clear lenses are sometimes built to be non-polarizing. Specifically, you can likewise wear them for outdoor tasks to shelter your vision from toxic UV radiation, just like regular sunglasses.

In contrast, if the eyeglass lenses are tinted with shades of gray, blue or yellow, then they are considered bifocal safety sunglasses. These items are ideal for outdoor activities, including working on construction sites or attending sporting events, thanks to sunglasses with tints that protect against 99% of UV exposure.

Sunglasses for Conformity -

Of course, how can we forget all the strict criteria for bifocal safety glasses to be qualified PPE eyewear?ANSI Z87.1 high impact or CSA Z94.3 ballistic requirements are the most popular and mandatory general criteria for any pair of safety glasses to comply with.

This does not mean that those bifocal goggles are completely useless without exceeding these qualifications. ANSI or CSA standards are certifications that all PPE glasses should meet, but there are still many glasses that are considered safety glasses that do not need to be put to these standard tests in order to perform well.

Further additional features --

Merely integrating a bifocal magnifier is not enough to be the ultimate bifocal safety glasses. They should also be able to withstand different weather and environmental conditions to achieve enough versatility to appeal to a wide range of customers of different ages and occupations.

In my list, I have thoroughly reviewed about several anti-fog bifocal safety glasses that are also capable of providing strong UV protection up to 100%. Tips for choosing bifocal safety glasses wisely depend on how well you pay attention to their side features, as they will optimize your glasses.

Other important factors to consider.

What is a pair of bifocal safety glasses?

Bifocal safety glasses are a broad type of general PPE eyewear that are designed entirely as durable safety goggles. At the same time, they have variable diopter bifocal magnification on the lenses to provide closer visual magnification for focused work tasks and sports activities.

How does it work?

Different areas of magnification will determine how the entire bifocal safety glasses will work. For example, there are top and bottom bifocal lenses, and they certainly perform differently even in one situation. Let me explain.

The top bifocal window is placed with the intention of being used for top head work or for users who need a magnified frontal view, such as shooting and riding. In contrast, we use the bottom bifocal window to magnify regular paper reading or some technical work where we don't have to constantly reach.

In addition, safety glasses that apply both types of bifocal windows on the lenses are likewise available on the market. This magnification ensures a wide and sharp peripheral vision, although a large number of customers complain that it causes image tangling and defeats its main function.

Who is this for?

Bifocal safety glasses are definitely for anyone who needs to magnify their vision closer to the target object, such as reading a book or doing mechanical work. Each of the different sizes of bifocal magnifiers perform well in different situations. I recommend that only adults wear bifocal safety glasses.

What are the different types of bifocal safety glasses? Bifocal reading safety glasses --

As mentioned above, this type of bifocal safety glasses are regularly manufactured with clear lenses for everyday indoor reading. These glasses are usually designed to be compact to reduce the extra weight when reviewing documents while wearing them.

By far, my biggest impression of bifocal reading safety glasses is how lightweight and classic they look. Perhaps this is because indoor glasses don't require much in the way of the latest fashion tastes. Their priority is to provide the reader with strong enough bifocal magnification to support any detail work.

Bifocal Safety Sunglasses --

In addition to regular bifocal glasses for reading, customers also like bifocal safety sunglasses, which apparently contain tinted lenses in a variety of shades, from dark to bright depending on your preference. People will often wear them for outdoor work.

Being a pair of bifocal safety sunglasses means that these will protect against up to 100% of harmful UV radiation when you are working or playing in bright sunlight. Extreme light sources can cause instant and later optical damage, and we should all have PPE sunglasses to add even more eye protection.

Pros and Cons of Bifocal Safety Glasses? Pros

Provides large magnification and safety protection at the same time.

Improves optical clarity in some cases.

Variable frame design and lens tint color.

Ideal for different occupations and activities.


Few cannot be used in both outdoor and indoor environments.

High amount of magnification can distort vision and cause dizziness.

Tends to be made in only a limited size.

The details of the glasses can easily come off earlier than expected.

Frequently asked questions

What is the most trusted brand of bifocal safety glasses?

As you probably already know, there are hundreds to thousands of different PPE eyewear brands on the market today. So how can we find the most trusted brand of bifocal safety glasses for a reliable and sustainable product? Don't worry, because I have prepared several names.

These popular brands have been shown in my product reviews section because their glasses are incredible items that have withstood the stress of time and human use.Pyramex, 3M, Dewalt, Crossfire, MagSafe and Uvex are the names you can't miss when shopping for bifocal safety glasses.

Not only do their safety glasses bring amazing performance in different situations, but these functional bifocal glasses are also equipped with the best materials and eyewear details. As a result, it is able to achieve the best customer experience at any cost.

Are the lenses replaceable?

I'm sorry to announce that the answer is no, as most bifocal magnifiers are monolithic and molded directly into the eyeglass lenses. Unlike prescription bifocal safety glasses, where we can replace their lenses without compromising quality, bifocal lenses should not be removed under any circumstances.

How do I use them?

You can manage the role of each lens according to their tinted color, as I talked about in the previous section, what to look for when you buy a pair of bifocal safety glasses. Tinted eyeglass lenses are perfect for outdoor task engagement, while clear lenses are often used inside the house or in your office.

Don't forget that several PPE eyewear brands sometimes try to convert these lens features, so we shouldn't stick to our common opinions when using bifocal safety glasses for various activities.

If these bifocal safety glasses are sold in bulk, you can certainly take advantage of this feature by keeping each item in a different place to reduce the frequency of carrying them. For example, one pair of glasses will be in the workplace to help you with woodworking, and the other for reading at home.

Where can I get them?

Getting a pair of bifocal safety glasses is now much easier than it used to be, thanks to fast and reliable online shopping sites that deliver your packages to your doorstep around the world. No more driving to your local store, spending time looking for the model of safety glasses and manually finding their specifications.

We can't deny the fact that well-known chains like Walmart will always have a sustainable stock of bifocal safety glasses if you want to check them out in person. In addition to direct stores, I suggest you shop at trusted websites such as Home Depot, Amazon and Lowes.

What is the warranty policy?

Most bifocal safety glasses brands will offer a 30-day money back guarantee and up to a year of quality satisfaction for online and direct customers. These requirements are designed to prioritize product pleasure on the part of the buyer, so we can trust these manufacturers to fulfill our shopping rights.

If you want to return your bifocal safety glasses purchase or request a refund on their brand, you need to make sure your warranty policy on this pair of safety glasses has not expired. And most importantly, product errors must be considered to their manufacturers. Your accident that caused the glasses to fail doesn't count.

How do I care for and clean them?

Not only bifocal safety glasses, but in order to decently clean any type of PPE eyewear lens without scratching its delicate surface, a microfiber cloth would be the ultimate choice. Some brands of glasses will provide this extra item for free, but in some cases you will need to buy it separately.

A proper soft pouch or hard case will be a great way to protect your bifocal safety glasses from external impacts. Similar to eyeglass cloths, it is provided with your safety glasses purchase, or you can search a large number of eyeglass cases for sale on shopping sites.

Even the longest lasting pair of bifocal safety glasses require the patience and appreciation of the user to stand the test of time and daily stress. I hope you will remind yourself to properly clean and store these glasses with additional supportive accessories to help extend their general lifespan.


What else do you think of me as a dedicated assistant in the process of choosing the most appropriate, and best, bifocal safety glasses for your daily work and activities? I truly hope that this A to Z guide on bifocal safety glasses will be one of your trusted guides for the future.

I hope you will value the wealth of information I have worked hard to gather for this article. I hope you will pick out amazing bifocal safety glasses from a variety of trusted addresses and thank you for reading and have a wonderful shopping time.

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